Spurs at serious risk of losing recently achieved top club status – this big move cannot happen

According to The Mirror, Manchester City are confident of taking Danny Rose away from Spurs with the Lilywhites taking Luke Shaw from Manchester United.

Rose has established himself as the best left-back in the league now and would surely get into any side in the division so you can see why City want him with Gael Clichy their best player in that position.

Spurs, though, can’t allow this to happen. No disrespect to Shaw but he’s not at Rose’s level and whilst he could be in the future, Tottenham cannot wait for that.

Mauricio Pochettino and his men have grafted incredibly to get where they are now – back amongst the league’s elite – and so to let one of their stars go to a rival would be an admittance that they have an inferiority complex.

The men from White Hart Lane want to prove they are genuine title contenders season in season out? They’d better keep Rose at all costs, or other key men could follow him out the door.



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