The top four race really does look set to go to the wire this season as – aside from Chelsea – the rest of the top clubs are nowhere near being assured of their places.

The Champions League qualification that finishing in the top four ensures is getting more and more precious these days with the new financial clout every side in the Premier League has.

Indeed, the sides lower down the league can attract much better players than they used to be able to and so, now, being at Europe’s top table is about the only ace a team can have over the rest of the chasing pack.

For the likes of Liverpool, then, a top four finish is crucial but many Reds fans will want to see a stronger title challenge next season than the one that started so promisingly this time out.

There’s bound to be a busy summer at Anfield, then, and we reckon this is how they could line-up on the first day of 2017/18 if rumours are to be believed…

Liverpool XI.jpg

Title winning? It really could be, but Jurgen Klopp and FSG had better get their wallets out now!


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