If there’s one side that has plenty to look forward to in the future it surely has to be Everton.

Of course, the likes of the other big clubs in the Premier League would argue that they too have plenty of potential but Ronald Koeman and his squad really do look primed for success.

Certainly, they’ll need to add to their squad at the moment but they’re bang in form, playing some superb football and have a generally young squad – all signs that the good times are on their way back to Goodison Park.

Indeed, even in Romelu Lukaku does jump ship in the summer the Toffees will surely reinvest that and go for the top 4 next season, with Dutchman Koeman one of the most ambitious managers around in the league.

Time, then, to delve into the fanciful and take a look at what Everton’s line-up could look like on the first day of next season – if recent rumours are to be believed…

Everton XI.jpg


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