Speaking to FourFourTwo, Hector Bellerin has said that the entire Arsenal squad is behind current manager Arsene Wenger – despite their continued woes at the moment.

Arsenal have once again embarked on their annual capitulation as they got humiliated twice by Bayern Munich in the Champions League to end up losing 10-2 on aggregate.

That, for many Gunners, seems to have been the final straw, too, with protests growing in number and voice against the Frenchman.

His young Spanish defender, though, maintains that support from his players is unequivocal. He said:

“The whole team is behind the manager. He’s the one who has made the team work.”

Certainly, such words will come as a boost to Wenger but do we believe them? Not really no.

If the players were really behind Wenger they wouldn’t have folded like a cheap suit in the face of one bit of adversity again last night and for us, the French manager needs to jump ship now.


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