With the release of FIFA 18 just around the corner (tomorrow to be precise), we, Rush Football take a look at five players you need to have in your team if you want to avoid any broken controllers early doors.

Ahmed Musa – 76 Overall – ST

Despite not making a single appearance for Leicester City this season, forward Ahmed Musa is a necessity if you want to coast your way through the leagues in Ultimate Team. With electrifying 93 pace and 78 finishing, you can count on the Nigerian to punish any sluggish defenders.

Victor Ibarbo – 72 Overall – ST

Similar to Musa, Ibarbo’s astonishing 92 pace will be more than enough to help you stride through the leagues with ease. Taking into consideration all of his stats, other than acceleration and sprint speed, they are far from spectacular making him available for a relatively low fee.

Lazar Marković – 76 Overall – RM

Liverpool winger Lazar Marković boasts 91 pace, 83 dribbling and 81 ball control, making him no match for any full-back as you cruise through the divisions. With well-rounded but not wondrous stats, the wide man should be available for a reasonable price adding some much needed width to your team.

Abdul Rahman Baba – 77 Overall – LB

Looking for a full-back that has no problem when it comes to defending but can also attack? Abdul Rahman Baba is the player you’re looking for. With a sliding tackle stat of 78 and a standing tackle of 77, he’ll have no trouble dealing with your opposition’s winger but will also become a threat when you’re in possession. Boasting 82 pace and 77 crossing, Baba will be more than a handful in the final third.

Renato Sanches – 76 Overall – CM

Strong, quick and powerful. Three words that sum up the perfect FIFA Ultimate Team player, and Renato Sanches  is a player with all three. Despite a very disappointing debut for Swansea, Sanches is a must have in the early stages of Ultimate Team. With a very well balanced set of stats, the central midfielder will easily dictate any match, bridging the gap between your defence and attack effortlessly.

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