With the release of FIFA 18 and PES 2018 on the horizon, we decided to check whether PES has finally got the official football team name licenses. Surely they can’t still be calling Manchester United ‘Man Red’?

Turns out they can. Although they now have licenses for Ligue 1, Eredivisie and most of Serie A, they are still yet to get the names for the English leagues, including the Premier League. (However, two Premier League teams are licensed). Therefore, with an exciting Sunday of football ahead, we wanted to see what it would be like if we had the same licensing problems as PES. Here it goes..

London FC v Merseyside Blue

The early kick off sees London FC, who have had a patchy start to the season, take on Merseyside Blue. London FC fans will be hoping that Morata, their new signing from MD White, can bag a brace and lead them to victory. However, Rooney has been on great form since returning to Merseyside Blue from Man Red, so this match could go either way.

West Midlands Stripes v St Red

Elsewhere in the league, St Red visit West Midlands Stripes, who have won both their previous matches this season 1-0, against Lancashire Claret and East Dorsetshire. However, St Red also won 1-0, against Arsenal FC. However, they lost their first match against Merseyside Blue in the opening week. Guess what the score was, yep, 1-0. Therefore, the stats seem to suggest that this match is likely to end 1-0, so it won’t be the most exciting match.

Liverpool v Arsenal

Arsenal will travel to Anfield to try and end Liverpool’s unbeaten start to the season. The Reds were involved in an action-packed draw against Hertfordshire, then a not so action-packed 1-0 win against South Norwood last week. On the other hand, Arsenal’s only win this season came against East Midlands. This fixture usually means goals, and we hope that’s the case tomorrow too. Nevertheless, this will be a huge clash between the only two officially licensed teams in the league.

North East London v Lancashire Claret

Finally, North East London face Lancashire Claret. North East London fans will find it hard to forget their loss to London FC last week, but should take some hope from the opening week victory against Tyneside. Equally, Lancashire Claret supporters will find it hard to forget their surprising win against London FC. But unless Lancashire Clarets can produce another upset, this game is North East London’s to lose.



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