Whisper it quietly, but the new Premier League season is not that far away now and, before you know it, we’ll but wondering just exactly what it’s like to not have football about…


Indeed, it isn’t long until we delve into another season of club football and so, as is customary at this time of year, it’s time to wheel out some season preview material.

Here at Rush Football, then, we’re taking a look at each Premier League club’s best four stars for the coming campaign and next up it’s Manchester United.

See if you agree with our selections…

David de Gea

de gea

De Gea is arguably the best goalkeeper in the world and that easily makes him United’s most important player.

He’s got the ability to save games by himself with his performances between the sticks and the Red Devils have worked wonders to keep him so far.

If United win the league this season, de Gea will have been pivotal in that success.

Paul Pogba


At risk of receiving some ridicule, Paul Pogba is actually one of the best players at United.

Yes, he didn’t score loads of goals – something you’d want for the money it cost United to sign him – but he’s never been that kind of player.

He did, however, control the tempo of games with passing as he gradually found his best role in the centre of the park and we think he’ll be a star this season coming.

Ander Herrera


Ander Herrera finally got the recognition he has deserved for some time with a fine season last year.

Tenacious in the middle of the pitch and creative with the ball, he was a real driving force in United’s engine room.

Sure, there are better players out there in both those mentioned facets but few combine them as well as the former Bilbao man.


Romelu Lukaku


The powerful Belgian finally has his chance to prove he can do it on the biggest of stages and for the fee he cost, United will surely hope he does too.

Pace, power and great finishing, the former Everton man has the potential to be a real hero for United as their main striker now Zlatan Ibrahimovic has gone and he’ll certainly back himself to be just that as well.

Have we forgotten someone? Let us know!


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