Manchester United midfielder Fred has discussed the decision to move to the Red Devils in the summer and has revealed that he could have joined Manchester City.

The Red Devils have struggled this season and, in truth, the last few years have been difficult for them with their ‘noisy neighbours’ turning the sound system up to eleven.

However, talk of a power shift in Manchester still seems a stretch given the heritage of the two clubs and United still possess an edge at times.

Though City are the better team right now and look most likely to win the league again, Fred has revealed that he could have joined City before moving to United.

He was quoted by FourFourTwo as saying:

“I received an offer from them [City] and even talked to my Brazilian team-mates who play for our neighbours.

“They were trying to convince me to join them, but in the end it didn’t happen. Then it was the summer and, as I said, there were other offers, including from United. I quickly decided that was the right move for me.”

The City move never came about, then, but as soon as United came calling he clearly jumped at the chance.

Obviously, City are a very attractive proposition but, you have to say, the challenge of restoring United back to the top of the English tree will still bring in top players.



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