The next few days could be massive in the recent history of Liverpool Football Club with huge fixtures on the horizon. 

The Reds overcame a wobbly performance in the first half to beat Bournemouth 2-1 in the Premier League to edge ever nearer to a first top-flight title since 1990.

And, indeed, with Manchester City losing to Manchester United the following day, there is a chance that the Reds could win the league at Everton – if City drop more points between now and Monday.

More immediately, meanwhile, a game with Atletico Madrid where the Reds are looking to overturn a 1-0 deficit at Anfield.

And, ahead of that match tomorrow night, and then the game with Everton next week, they have been given mixed injury news.

Jordan Henderson, crucially, is fit for both games but goalkeeper Alisson will miss out on both, according to Sky Sports.

The Reds, though, will be delighted to have their skipper back as he’s the one that sets the tempo and standards in midfield – with the middle third coming under fire with him away in recent weeks.


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