Quoted by West Brom News, former West Bromwich Albion striker Kevin Phillips has offered his take on the club’s ownership perhaps being careful with spending money this transfer window.

The Albion have signed some good players in the window and will be looking to potentially add further between now and the end of the market on Friday evening but they have not gone wild with spending.

Indeed, there’s a good chance they would have taken the measured approach anyway before things fell apart in 2020 financially for so many, and Phillips has backed the owners with the way they have looked to be frugal and spent carefully.

He said:

“You can have arguments about other clubs who have spent big money that you wouldn’t expect to but it’s a dangerous one.

“I understand the frustration from the supporters but these are business people. They’ve got to be very, very careful.

“But if you’re serious about staying in the league you’ve got to spend a bit of money and a striker is a priority. If that means they’ve got to go out and spend a bit more than they’ve anticipated then they’re going to have to do it.”

Of course, fans want to see new players sign and their teams get stronger but right now there is the obvious factor that keeping a club afloat needs to be first and foremost on the list of priorities.

West Brom are well run, though, and there’s no danger of that – fans will just hope they can round off the window well and then look at earning survival.


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