George Caulkin has revealed that Newcastle United would have spent £250 million in the first few seasons of their new ownership, had it gone through, in an attempt to help improve the team and club.

The Magpies’ takeover looks to be off after weeks and months of speculation and Magpies fans will be wondering whether Mike Ashley is ever going to leave the club as owner.

Certainly, they’ll be pleased when he does but it doesn’t look like it’ll be any time soon and supporters will just wonder about what might have been now.

Indeed, speaking to the Pod on the Tyne podcast, Caulkin revealed the big figures being potentially spent had the owners come in.

He said:

“Again, Staveley said that 250 million quid was earmarked to improving the team and the club over the first couple of years, and that there were big plans for PIF investing in the city and the region, including housing and all that sort of stuff and that’s been lost.”

It’s all rather irrelevant now, of course, but it did seem as though big money was going to be spent on Tyneside.

Fans will hope that that ends up being the case some day but this summer it seems unlikely.


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