As per Sky Sports, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is of the opinion that Paul Pogba will not be leaving the club this summer.

The Norwegian is looking to see his United side overcome the odds against Barcelona tomorrow evening in the Champions League.

Indeed, it’d be some turn-up for them to beat the Catalans but with players like Pogba around you can never rule it out.

It seems as though the Frenchman could be at the club for some time to come too.

Certainly, United need to keep players like Pogba.

Powerful, a good runner and capable of doing things most can’t, he does seem to gradually be getting into the sort of form that the club has expected.

Under Solskjaer he seems happy, and though there will always be rumours it does seem unlikely that he’ll move on in this window.

We’ll soon see what the case is either way with the season nearly over though.


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