Zinedine Zidane is back at Real Madrid after staying away for just under a job after stepping down following another Champions League victory.

And, somewhere in the north-west of England, a Norwegian striker-turned-manager may well have let out his biggest sigh of relief yet.

Zidane was suggested as a potential successor for Jose Mourinho when he left Manchester United.

And, in recent weeks, the prospect of him taking over at Old Trafford in the summer has remained, despite Solskjaer’s incredible work.

Despite the loss to Arsenal at the weekend, though, it looks as if the former forward has taken that step closer to a permanent contract with United.

Now, you feel, only Mauricio Pochettino is a potential rival and with the way Spurs are going in the league at the moment, his stock has plateaued at least.

Clearly, it would seem at the moment the stars are aligning for Solksjaer to get the job permanently and, in all honesty, the United faithful would be more than happy with that.

It’s gone great on the pitch for him most weekends, then, and the first time it didn’t on Sunday, things decided to work out nicely for him away from the grass.


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